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From: Dave
Subject: The Boy Across the Street (First Time b/m) The following story is about a boy that was introduced
to sex by a teenager. Rather than write this in the first
person let’s call him Dan.The Boy Across the Street The block that Dan’s family lived on when he was 10
had lots of children on it. Almost every nude teenie lolita girls house had 3 or 4
children. It was on a dead-end street. Mark and Dan lived
across the street from each other in the middle of the
block. Every night a baseball or football game was being
played in the middle of the street, weather permitting.
Mark was a 13 year-old that lived for baseball. Being
almost four years younger than him lolita photo peachfuzz preteen excluded Dan from the
circle of older boys on the block. Physically Dan was
almost as big as the older boys were, but he was not as
mature as they were. One spring afternoon rain broke up the baseball game
in the street. Mark and Dan were the only boys on the block
that did not have brothers and or sisters. Mark casually
asked if Dan wanted to come over to his house for something
to eat. Dan’s mother was not home and Marks mother was
doing her thing in her sewing room in the back of the
house. They ran into kitchen quickly making sandwiches and
getting a couple of glasses russian underage lolita bbs of punch. Mark led Dan to his
bedroom. This was the first time Dan had ever been in
Mark’s nymphet sex lolita pics room, He was fascinated with the room. Mark was
proudly showing off his prize possessions and baseball
trophies. Dan was duly impressed. After they had consumed
the food. Mark asked if he wanted to see something, and
produced a stack of photographs from the bottom of a
drawer. Mark stood beside Dan as he studied the pictures.
The first picture was of a girl in her early teens setting
in a chair with wooden armrests. She was nude and her legs
were draped over the arms of the chair. She was reaching
under her legs and holding her pussy open with her fingers.
The second picture was the same girl setting in the same
chair, but this one showed her bending over licking her own
clitoris. Mark was watching the front of Dan’s pants. So he
was quick to notice the bulge in Dan’s pants. Mark asked him if he would like to do something
different. Dan was captivated by the thrill of it all, and
would have done anything Mark wanted him to. Mark proceeded
to remove his clothes. Dan followed every step Mark did
until both were nude. Dan had seen his dad undressed many
times, but had never seen a full erection before. The sight
of the first uncircumcised penis he had ever seen
transfixed Dan. Mark’s dick was a good six inches long
fully erect and the foreskin was still completely covering
the head. The base was surrounded by a thick mass of black
hair. Dan was very impressed. He was a blond and had no
pubic hair at all. What little body hair he did have was so
light in color that about the only way anyone could see it
was to take naked preteen lesbian lolitas a close look at a shadow of his arms. Next Mark
laid down on his bed taking some of the pictures in his
left hand and started masturbating with his right hand. Dan knelt beside the bed watching every move Mark
made. Mark said that Dan’s dick someday would be as big as
his. In a confidential tone he asked if he wonted to make
sure that it would get as big as his. Dan nodded his
agreement. He could not have said a thing at the time. Mark
said: “The surest way to make you dick grow was to drink
lots of man-juice.” (As he called it). Dan reached out and
took the dick in his hand and started pulling the skin up
and down the same manner that Mark had bin doing. Dan could
smell the laundry soap from Mark’s sweet lolita model gallery clothes and a strong
smell of male sex. He really knew that Mark was lying about
man-juice, but the thrill of doing something forbidden was
too strong for Dan to argue with Mark. As Mark put his hand
on the back of Dan’s head. Dan leaned forward and took the
dick in his mouth. As Dan sucked Mark moved his hips up and
down. It did not take long for Mark to ejaculate in Dan’s
mouth. Dan puled back a little letting the hot liquid fill
his mouth, before he swallowed it all. Mark then laid Dan on the bed next to himself and
started milking Dan’s small dick with his hand and mouth.
With very little effort Mark made Dan have a strong
orgasm. Even though Dan’s body convulsed very strongly,
no cum came out of his dick. After that day Mark and Dan
would get together two or three times a week. If they did
not nude teenie lolita girls meet in Mark’s bedroom they would use Mark’s family
garage. Mark had an old 1939 Ford that he was working on so
he would nude 16yo lolita pics
have his own car to drive when he turned sixteen. As they lay bare ass on the bed looking at pictures of
girls sucking and fucking. Mark would play with Dan’s dick
as Dan was paying with his. Mark eventually found some
pictures of some boys getting fucked up the ass by some
men. Mark wanted to fuck him in the ass the same way. Dan
was curious to find out what it would feel like. As soon as
Mark tried to force his dick into Dan’s ass the pain was
too much for him and he begged Mark to stop. So Mark came
up with another idea. Mark laid Dan on preteen lolita models movies his side and put his
dick between the back of Dan’s thighs. Mark fuck him until
he covered the inside of Dan’s legs with cum. In an effort
to inspire Dan to let him fuck him Mark rolled over onto
his stomach and spread his ass with his hands. Dan had a
raging little hard-on by this time. His dick entered into
Mark’s ass with no problem. After a few quick strokes Dan
had a very satisfying orgasm. Mark and Dan were having these sessions every two or
three days for several months. One thing that Dan loved to
do was to hold Mark’s foreskin shut with his thumb and
forefinger and jack-off Mark with the other hand. When Mark
would cum, Dan could ether skin back the foreskin and let
the white milk flow all over the dick or he could put the
foreskin in his mouth and such every last drop down his
throat. They spent a lot of time making each other cum and
every session Mark would work his finger into Dan’s ass in
an attempt to make the hole bigger. Still every attempted
Mark made to put his dick in Dan’s ass resulted in too much
pain. He would beg Mark to take it out. jelzs little girl lolita One night Dan’s parents informed him that his Dad had
a new job and they would be moving to a new town in a
couple of days. Dan went across the street to tell Mark
about what was happening. They decided that if they didn’t
do it then they would never do it. So Mark got a jar russian underage lolita bbs
Vaseline from the bathroom and they retired to Mark’s room.
After they had sucked each other off one more time. Mark
laid Dan on his nude teenie lolita girls side in the same way they had been doing pedo kds lolita porn it
for the past few months. Mark lubricated his dick up good
and put it between Dan’s legs as before. This time Mark
reached around Dan taking hold of his dick and started
masturbating it to the same rhythm of his fucking motion.
Mark new to well when Dan was starting to reach a climax.
Just before Dan could come Mark used his other hand to move
the head of his dick to Dan’s bunghole. With one quick
thrust Mark shoved the head of his tiny hairy lolita videos
dick through the
sphincter muscle. Dan took in nude teenie lolita girls
a quick breath of air, and
reached back with his hand to stop Mark. It was over Mark
was in. After a slight pause, Dan’s ass got use to the
feeling in his ass. Mark was so excited about his success
that he ejaculated after about a half dozen strokes. In the morning Mark’s Mom woke them up with a knock on
the bedroom door. “Breakfast in 15 minutes.” At the
breakfast table Dan’s face turned bright red when Mark’s
Mom asked if they had a good time last night. As Dan was
excusing himself to go home she gave him a knowing wink.
That was the last time Dan saw Mark until high school. Dan’s family had moved back to town a couple of years
before Dan entered high school. They lived on different
sides of town, and did not meet each other until high
school. When Dan entered high school jelzs little girl lolita the football coach knew
he had a good lineman prospect. Dan made the Varsity team
at 14. He was one of the last 14 year-olds to play Varsity
football in the State because the next year the State
changed the rules. From that time on all Varsity football
players had to be at lest 15 years old. Mark was a senior. He was the starting third baseman
on the baseball team. Mark’s Ford was running by this time
and he had a very good-looking girlfriend. Although Mark
and Dan did not ever mention the affair to each other, Dan
wondered if the girlfriend loved Mark’s dick as much as he
had.Address all comments to davmay699icqmail.com

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